NCAINational Congress of American Indians
NCAINational Coalition for Adult Immunization
NCAINational Conference on Artificial Intelligence
NCAINeighborhood Cleaners Association International (New York, NY)
NCAINational Committee on Atomic Information (est. 1945; Federation of American Scientists)
NCAINorth Central Area Interconnect (school consortium; South Dakota)
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The NCAI hopes that tribal traditions of wise resource use can inform their investment decisions, not only with Cobell settlement money, but in all their savings.
Rajan Zed met with Ahniwake Rose, NCAI Policy Analyst, and discussed various topics.
13-15, 2006; Visioning 21st Century Tribal Community Planning, Arizona State University, October 4-5, 2007; Proactive Community Planning, NCAI Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado, November 14th, 2007; and Leading Change: Blending Indigenous and Western Planning Tools, Anchorage, Alaska, Oct 1-3, 2008.
For more information on the NCAI relief fund, go to www.
For more information on work between APHSA and NCAI and/or to share your experiences in this area, please contact Kathryn Dyjak at kdyjak@aphsa or Sarah Hicks at shicks@wustl.
NCAI has recommended that the airline improve its crew navigational procedures and install additional navigation equipment, according to The Associated Press.
NCAI 1301 Connecticut, Ave, NW Suite 200 Washington, DC 20036
The NCAI Convention is being held this week at the Palm Springs Convention Center in California.
NCAI receives no monies from the United States government and supports its programming and initiatives from corporate grants and contributions from members.
The NCAI raises money from its member tribes and from private foundations.
In the build-up to NAFOA's conference, Lomax fostered unity with other national Native associations, initiating discussions that led to working partnerships with NCAI and NIGA, and furthered NAFOA's relationship with the Aboriginal Finance Officers Association (AFOA) of Canada.
National Congress of American Indians NCAI was established in 1944 in response to the termination and assimilation policies the US government forced upon tribal governments in contradiction of their treaty rights and status as sovereign nations.