NCAJNorth Carolina Advocates for Justice
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More information about the center's work is available at the NCAJ website, www.
For more information about "Social Security 2009" contact Robyn Smith, NCAJ director of continuing legal education at 1-800-688-1413 or by e-mail at Robyn@ncaj.
Throughout negotiations, NCAJ supported changes to the existing law that:
Insurance lobbyists and GOP lawmakers seek to justify stripping patients' rights by claiming doctors need relief from high insurance premiums while, in fact, doctor-owned insurance companies are making record profits," said Dick Taylor of the NCAJ.
The Workers' Comp system in North Carolina is fair and balanced, with low costs for employers and fair benefits for injured workers," said Dick Taylor of NCAJ.
Dick Taylor, CEO of NCAJ, stated: "This bill is hard to believe: It gives emergency room doctors and hospitals complete immunity for negligence.