NCAMNeural Cell Adhesion Molecule
NCAMNational Center for Accessible Media
NCAMNational Center for Advanced Manufacturing (New Orleans, LA)
NCAMNational Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (Sudan)
NCAMNorth Carolina Aviation Museum
NCAMNational Cybersecurity Awareness Month
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In addition, the antigen cross-reacted with a polyclonal antibody specific for NCAM (Fig.
This finding could reflect an NCAM shortage that originates in the womb and eventually derails brain connections between the hippocampus and other areas critical for organizing thought and memory, the researchers argue in the March 27 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
NCAM is expressed in both myofibres and satellite cells whereas VCAM-1 is limited to satellite cells in adult muscle (Covault and Sanes, 1986) and it mediates interaction of satellite cells to leucocytes following injury (Jesse et al.
These effective concentrations are lower concentrations than those that were observed in other proposed modes of action for the developmental neurotoxicity of methyl-Hg, including microtubule disruption, decreased expression of NCAM, and inhibition of the cell cycle and the induction of Gadd45/153.
In contrast, neural tissue markers, such as NSE, glial fibrillary acidic protein, S100, NCAM (CD56), and Leu-7 (CD57), are more often expressed by HAB cells, but may be so only focally.
El Multaga is located in Upper Nubia, in the districts of Gushabi and Abu Dom, between Debba and Korti (Figure 1), in an area that was never explored in detail until November 2001, when a survey was carried out in the frame of a salvage project by the SFDAS, the French Unit of NCAM (National Corporation for Antiquities and National Museums of the Sudan), over a territory of about 75 [km.
NCAM launched an initiative called the Web Access Project in 1996.
Future experiments will investigate the potential functions of EphA RTK-ephrinA interactions and NCAM (neural cell adhesion molecule) in the proper formation precise structures within the vertebrate nervous sys tem.
Some of their names sound like the fuel systems of fancy sports cars: VCAM, ICAM and NCAM.
Active in multiple industry organizations, Munro is the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Chairman of the Michigan Small Aircraft Transportation System (MI SATS), a board member for NCAM (National Council for Air Mobility), a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Engineering Society of Detroit.
Cimetidine inhibits salivary gland tumor cell adhesion to neural cells and induces apoptosis by blocking NCAM expression.
The recognition of NCAM can be attributed to Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Founder & Executive Director of Festival of Children Foundation, who has been diligent in raising awareness of issues facing youth across the country through the local, state and federal political processes and by enlisting the assistance of charitable organizations nationwide.