NCARNational Center for Atmospheric Research (USA)
NCARNorth Carolina Association of Realtors
NCARNational Conference on the Advancement of Research
NCARNeural Control and Autonomic Regulation (physiology)
NCARNavy Center for Acquisition Research
NCARNorCal Aussie Rescue (Auburn, California)
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Karen Weed, animal welfare manager at NCAR, previously told the Daily Post that the centre is struggling to find homes for its cats, and say that rehoming black felines is particularly difficult.
Co-author NCAR scientist John Fasullo said that if you don't like warming, you can reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the surface and cool the climate.
Because NCAR had recently developed a turbulence alerting system for Hong Kong Airport, which had similar turbulence issues, the FAA requested help in developing a system for Juneau," says Yates.
It must be remembered that carbon dioxide is still the most important factor in sea level rise over the long term," says NCAR scientist Warren Washington, a co-author.
0 has also been a heavily exercised version of the NCAR structure, one that has itself just been replaced by CCSM 4.
Furthermore, NCARs are disseminated to other competent authorities, with a copy provided to the EU Commission.
It reads rawinsonde and surface observation data from NCAR archive and extracts stations within modeling domains and simulation time.
Incidentally, NCAR engineers have developed an algorithm to weed out false positives, such as using your wipers to clean the windshield while the sun is shining).
As climate change inevitably continues in coming decades," said Kevin Trenberth, one of the NCAR scientists who worked on the study, "we are likely to see greater impacts on many rivers and water resources that society has come to rely on.
The new system, designed by Sun Microsystems and based on the StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library, is expected to provide NCAR five times its current storage capacity, enabling it to generate sophisticated computer studies of Earth's climate.
Established in 2005 by Transaction First, LLC and the North Carolina Association of Realtors, and recently joined by the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors (PAR), Realserv will provide additional integrated technology solutions and services to NCAR and PAR members and to the approximately 150,000 multi-state licensees of the Realfast forms system.
Strong scientific and political pressure, mostly from outside, forced NCAR to take on this project, which became a major part, and almost the only growing part, of the NCAR program.