NCARENational Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (Jordan)
NCARENorth Carolina Association for Research in Education (est. 1974)
NCARENational Campaign for the Arts Research and Education (est. 2000; National Campaign for the Arts)
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The organization's Distinguished Paper Award recognizes a paper previously presented at an NCARE conference that furthers its goals and represents the highest quality of academic research rigor.
Using ecology-based IPM approaches to promote sustainable management of pests, about 170 FFSs have been established by NCARE in Jordan since its inception, training approximately 2,400 farmers.
With the support of the programme in NCARE, farmers have started organizing themselves in order to carry out field experiments, train other farmers, and interact effectively with research and extension.
This philosophy comes from NDSI's origins in partnering with former sister company NCARE, Inc.
NCARE training supervisor Huzaifa Ababneh said that the center had already adopted agricultural residues technology to feed animals as an alternative to serials, whose prices have remarkably soared and stocks run short in the local market.
Mariner completed its merger in December 2004 with NCARE Acquisition Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Senior Care, which is a privately held company.
NCARE Director General, Faisal Awawdeh stressed the strong ties between Jordan and Syria, noting the need to increase cooperation in agricultural aspects.
The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) and The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on Wednesday signed a cooperation agreement to train Palestinian agricultural manpower for three years in the NCARE.
NCARE's director, Faisal Awawdeh, said that NCARE proved over the last period worthiness and was adopted as a regional training hub for various agriculture - related issues.