NCARRVNorth Carolinians Against Racist and Religious Violence
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We witness her struggles with her biological family, who were segregationists in Alabama during the civil rights movement; her thorny friendship with mortally ill Carl Wittman, a pioneering gay liberationist who died of AIDS in 1986; her connection with Christina Davis, a co-worker in NCARRV and "my first really close Black friend"; and her changing sense of self as she begins to feel "pretty irregularly white.
Not only are family tales interlaced with the account of her time in NCARRV but she attempts to organize the narrative of NCARRV's intricate involvements in various communities around the state into discrete stories, each with its cast of characters.
Nor do we ever fully understand the effects of her draining work with NCARRV on her life with her lover and their infant daughter, though she alludes to Barbara's anger.