NCASANational Coalition Against Sexual Assault
NCASANorth Carolina Association of School Administrators
NCASANational Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
NCASANational Co-operative Association of South Africa
NCASANational Council of Area Studies Associations
NCASANorth Carolina Amateur Softball Association
NCASANorth Carolina Amateur Soccer Association
NCASANorthern Counties Amateur Swimming Association (England)
NCASANational Capital Air Show Association
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In fact, in rural areas, the availability of drugs and prevalence of use are both comparable to urban centers, and evidence even suggests uniquely rural drug subcultures exist (Van Gundy 2006; NCASA 2000; Robertson 1997).
The quality of the workshops would be ensured because they could be created and developed by a consortium composed of the State Board, the Department of Public Instruction, the Education Cabinet, the NCASA, the NCSBA, the Public School Forum, the Teacher Academy, the Professional Teaching Standards Commission, the Center for School Leadership, the NC Staff Development Council, the NCAE, and numerous other education entities.
The winner's trophy was presented to the City of Liverpool SC captains by Simon Rothwell, the NCASA President, while the League President Brian Boyle presented the Chairman's trophy for team spirit and deportment to the Horwich Leisure Centre SC.