NCASCNorth Central Association of Schools and Colleges
NCASCNational Communication Association Student Club
NCASCNorth Carolina Association of Student Councils
NCASCNational Council of Acupuncture Schools and Colleges
NCASCNational Civil Aviation Security Committee (various nations)
NCASCNational Centre for AIDS and STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Control (Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal)
NCASCNational Children and Adult Services Conference (UK)
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The NCASC coordinates most of the funding for HIVAIDS at the national level, but has neglected this district, local government officials and NGO workers claim.
Hemant Chandra Ojha, a senior medical officer at NCASC agreed, saying, "We have to start a very serious discussion and decide how we should proceed with help for these single women.
Accreditation by the NCASC is the highest available to public institutions.