NCATENational Council for Accreditation of Teachers (est. 1954; Washington, DC)
NCATENational Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
NCATENorth Carolina Association of Educators (Raleigh, NC)
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By focusing on "candidate performance," said NCATE president Wise, the "standards represent a revolution in teacher preparation.
Wise, president of NCATE, believes that states should not license teachers until they have passed assessments of subject matter and teaching knowledge, and demonstrated over the period of a year or two that they can actually teach.
Regarding clinical and field-based experiences, NCATE standards mandate that regular education students be prepared in areas of special education and that the "student teaching experience is direct, substantial, and full-day for at least 10 weeks.
After receiving NCATE accreditation, we at Capella decided the best way to celebrate was to provide funds directly to the teachers across the country with the greatest need for additional supplies to achieve their student outcomes," said Barbara Butts Williams, dean of Capella's School of Education.
NCATE is composed only of educational, not discipline-based, organizations, and its reviewers are chiefly if not solely from other schools of education.
While NCATE supports high-quality preparation programs, whether they are traditional or alternative routes, it does not support approaches that place unprepared individuals in classrooms on the basis of a test without an accompanying strategy to build these individuals' capacity to teach effectively.
As required by NCATE, assessment and evaluation processes must be data driven and require significant allocation of time and resources to accomplish.
In the 1980s, one of the NCATE standards was, "The unit maintains relationships with graduates from its professional education programs that include follow-up studies and assistance to beginning professionals.
NCATE accreditation, which covers advanced educator preparation programs, is recognized by the U.
Regarding dispositions, NCATE expects institutions to ensure that candidates "demonstrate dispositions that value fairness and learning by all students.
Sections focus on research and NCATE Standards; partnership structure, process, and outcomes; and the roles of leadership, community, diversity, and social justice.