NCAVPNational Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (New York, NY)
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NCAVP publishes two annual reports, LGBTQ Hate Violence and LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence.
What's so exciting about the work NCAVP does is it's also about changing the narrative of who LGBTQ people are," she continues.
In October 2011, NCAVP received their first HopeLine grant to help provide training and resources to NCAVP members, community organizations, government agencies and first responders throughout the United States.
68) A NCAVP report, for instance, indicates that domestic violence prevalence ranges from 20-35% among homosexual couples, (69) while another source notes that it hovers around 21% among heterosexual couples.
As for same-sex domestic violence specifically, another NCAVP report on domestic violence within the LGBT community reports 5,052 incidents of domestic violence in 2010, "an increase of 38.
114) The NCAVP posits: "Police officers in general are more apt to view violence between LGBT individuals, especially partners of the same gender, as mutual or consensual abuse.
pdf) According to NCAVP , around 23 transgender and gender nonconforming people were killed last year, the highest ever recorded by the organization.
One of the things we've been trying to push the public to acknowledge is that it's almost impossible that a person's sexual orientation does not become an issue during a rape," says Rachel Baum, associate director of the New York-based NCAVP.
The NCAVP collected its data from 13 member organizations in 12 states and used information from public sources or directly from survivors.
However, the NCAVP report also notes that low reporting rates can affect the reliability of any hate crime statistics.
And while data indicated overall hate-motivated violence toward the LGBT community was down, hate-motived homicides rose 11 percent in 2014 compared with the year prior, the NCAVP figures found.
The NCAVP, in its annual report on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender bias crime, reported 1,830 crimes against gay men and 700 crimes against lesbians in 1998.