NCAYVNational Campaign Against Youth Violence
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NCAYV efforts include a national media campaign, and national events such as concerts and movie screenings, including Saturday Out Loud - a local event, staged in malls across the country, that rallies youth to action through a concert, forum, fashion show, web pledge, and sports activity.
Memphis was the first of fifteen cities selected for a city-by-city campaign organized by NCAYV.
NCAYV is committed to engaging private citizens, corporations, and foundations in violence prevention efforts that work.
This announcement comes after the National Campaign invited Inatome to serve on the NCAYV Board of Directors earlier this year.
Today, NCAYV announced an unprecedented board representing America's top business and media leaders dedicated to fighting this problem.
NCAYV activities will focus on three critical areas:
In a display of media unity, all major television network presidents are on the Board and have pledged unanimous support of NCAYV and its goals.