NCBBNationale Collectie Bescherming Bevolking (Dutch: National Population Protection Organization; civil defense)
NCBBNational Conference of Brazilian Bishops (est. 1952)
NCBBNational Cord Blood Bank (National Health Service; UK)
NCBBNorthern Colorado Bed and Breakfasts
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As a result of the combined solution, the NCBB has increased efficiency, saved time and reduced errors in UDHQ processing; enhancing overall employee and donor satisfaction.
According to FDA regulation, any errors that cause deviation from the standard operating procedure must be captured in a deviation document, and those documents must be reviewed and signed off by three NCBB employees.
Art Molnar, MD, President of the Lancaster County Medical Society, which founded the NCBB in 1968, commented, "Phyllis has been an excellent leader for the NCBB and the Lincoln community.
About NCBB The Nebraska Community Blood Bank has been Connecting People ~ Saving Lives for 45 years.
Innovative Blood Resources will continue the MBC and NCBB commitments of serving the common good by delivering quality blood products and services that help to save the lives of patients.
Today, hospitals in six counties depend on NCBB to provide the blood that is needed.