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NCBINorth Carolina Banking Institute (est. 1996; University of North Carolina School of Law; Chapel Hill, NC)
NCBINational Crimes Bureau of India
NCBINational Council for the Blind of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
NCBINorwegian Confederation of Business and Industry
NCBINational Center for Biotechnology Information (NIH)
NCBINational Coalition Building Institute
NCBINational Cord Blood Inventory (New York, NY)
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The 13 banks with NCBI contracts reported various practices that could increase the number of cord blood units banked at existing and new collection sites, as well as increasing the diversity of the units collected.
The Genome Viewer utilizes a genome browser developed by NCBI (the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Institutes of Health).
For extensive PubMed[R] use, The NCBI Handbook (3) is available online and provides in-depth information on PubMed[R] databases and content.
NCBI is a registered charity which aims towards building a just, inclusive society, through training and leadership development.
Over an 18-month period, NCBI Seattle will recruit potential leaders from communities of color as well as from the Seattle police department, train them in leadership skills, and facilitate the implementation of plans to improve police community relations.
HRSA said it plans to award a second cycle of competitive contracts to the NCBI early in FY 2007.
NCBI was asked to work with the advocates on all sides of the issue, many of whom were openly hostile to one another.
Finally, we would like to urge the DDBJ, EMBL-EBI, and NCBI to work together toward exchanging all MIAME-compliant microarray data.
Paracel recoded the original NCBI BLAST source code from the ground up, eliminating important performance bottlenecks and optimizing it for use on parallel platforms.
General information on the center's work can be found within the top center section of the homepage as well as by clicking the About NCBI link on the left side of the homepage.
With hightened attention to the dynamics of racism in the United States in the aftermath of the recent events in Los Angeles, we at NCBI would like to contribute to the public discussion what we have learned from our work.
This will help increase cord blood unit donation and collection for the NCBI, as well as ensure a high-quality and genetically diverse inventory of cord blood units.