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NCBLNational Capital Baseball League (Ottawa, Canada)
NCBLNew Castle Business Ledger (newspaper; Delaware)
NCBLNepal Campaign to Ban Landmines (est. 1995)
NCBLNational Contract Bridge League
NCBLNortheastern Conference Basketball League (New York)
NCBLNational Conference of Black Lawyers (New York, NY)
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9) Haywood, then Director of the NCBL, joined by lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild, went to attica immediately after the killings.
103) Haywood led NCBL delegations to Cuba and other Caribbean nations and participated in the work of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers in South Africa, Namibia, and Ireland.
From South Africa, Haywood was faxing a motion to dismiss disciplinary charges against an NCBL attorney who had told a reporter outside the courthouse that a judge's ruling "clear as black and white .
CUNY Law School professor and NCBL veteran Victor Goode recalls that Haywood was given only a small office, a desk, and a telephone in the back of co-chairman Floyd McKissick's office on 125th Street in Harlem.