NCBMNorth Carolina Baptist Men
NCBMNational Conference of Black Mayors, Inc. (since 1974; East Point, Georgia)
NCBMNational Council for the Blind, Malaysia (est. 1986; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
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Fowler wrote separate letters with similar words of encouragement and support for NCBM and its call for racial harmony.
Mayor Cleaver said NCBM hopes the two parties "join to make the election of 1996 a referendum on ideas and vision, and not another exercise in polarization of our society.
With the presidential election just a little over 90 days away and heating up via media coverage and paid television commercials and advertising, NCBM is "trying to be pro-active rather than reactive," said Mayor James Garner from Hempstead Long Island.
The NCBM is encouraging presidential candidates to consult African American Mayors and other minorities before making certain campaign decisions concerning diversity, culture and race to lessen "the appearance of insensitivity to racism.
The NCBM is a non-profit service organization that provides management, technical assistance and articulates the membership's concerns on national policy issues.
Scheduled to attend both the NCBM and the NAACP are President George Bush and Democratic challenger Sen.
The success in hosting the NCBM and the NAACP, underscores the commitment of Philadelphia's Mayor John F.
The National Conference of Black Mayors is committed to help fortify the framework for a viable clean energy economy that will assist in laying a new foundation for the growth and prosperity of our country," said NCBM President, Mayor Heather M.
The NCBM plan for the greening of our cities will introduce cutting-edge technologies through the creation of green parks, implementation of new energy technologies such as fuel cell, wind and solar energy; green sustainable housing and buildings; energy efficiency and conservation, heightened recycling, redevelopment of brownfields and the creation of local certification programs for green jobs through partnerships with community colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
We are in the best position to implement our President's agenda on the local level with ingenuity and efficiency," said NCBM Executive Director Vanessa R.
Additionally, NCBM owns a commercial finance company, Diversified Business Credit, Inc.
The NCBM serves more than 500 mayors across the nation, representing more than 30 million citizens.