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NCCAMNational Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (US NIH)
NCCAMNational Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (March)
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The fact of the matter is that NCCAM has failed so miserably in this regard that there are requests for it to be abolished.
In related news, NCCAM launched a new resource for health care providers in April.
It's essential that physicians talk to their patients about CAM use, NCCAM spokesperson Katy Danielson said in an interview: "Talking not only allows fully integrated care, but it also minimizes risks of interactions among a patient's treatments.
In addition, the NCCAM webpage discussing CAM now places energy therapies under an 'other' area whereas in earlier versions Energy Therapies had its own category and subcategories.
Partap Khalsa, program officer of the division of intramural research at NCCAM, noted that the best clinical guidelines currently available for managing chronic low back pain are those developed jointly by the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society.
Excellent online sources of reliable and up-to-date information about herbal supplements, in addition to NCCAM, include the following:
NCCAM has a fact sheet about selecting a CAM practitioner that addresses issues to consider when making the decision and recommends important questions to ask.
Time to Talk offers tools and resources to help doctors and patients communicate more effectively by using wallet cards, posters, and tip sheets - all of which are available free of charge on the NCCAM website (www.
Despite the classification system outlined by the NCCAM, CAM continues to be known by a variety of names--nontraditional medicine, unorthodox medical practices, and holistic health care--and reflects a wide range of philosophies, including the need for scientific evidence of effectiveness.
NCCAM previously published the initiative "Secondary Analysis of Data on CAM Use in Minority Populations" to stimulate research on this subject.
There is little in the way of evidence presented in the book for the many therapies suggested, but evidence for many of the complementary modalities can be found in the health care literature and on the NCCAM website.
NCCAM invests heavily in "Clinical Trials" and synopses of trials that are completed, ongoing, or currently recruiting.