NCCBNational Council of Catholic Bishops (now United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
NCCBNetherlands Culture Collection of Bacteria
NCCBNational Consumer Cooperative Bank (Washington, DC)
NCCBNational Citizens Committee for Broadcasting
NCCBNorth Cheshire Concert Band (now North Cheshire Wind Orchestra)
NCCBNorth Cascades Concert Band (Bellingham, WA)
NCCBNIMA Configuration Control Board
NCCBNashville Community Concert Band
NCCBNational Corvette Certification Board
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Managing Director NCCB Shahzada Ibrahim Pirzada said that they were working in different sectors like adult education, handicrafts, promoting trout fish, cooking training for women folk and allotment of residential houses on easy instatements.
When the committee received no response from the NCCB, Farians showed up at their annual meeting in 1971, where she castigated the bishops for refusing to end sexism in the church.
The activities of the NCCB will begin with the issuance of authorizations from the BSP and the Cooperative Development Authority.
Once again, as in the case of the NCCB letter, these bishops locate the problem in the age and in false teaching that has a superficial attraction, and once again they call for changes in Catholic practice to counter that attraction.
The survey report provided by the NCCB Committee on Pastoral Practice in 1993 indicates a widespread variance both in theological understanding of the sacrament and in catechetical and pastoral practice.
Speaking for the NCCB, Bernardin called the Democratic Party's platform "irresponsible," even as the Republicans called for a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortions.
17) The September 1972 meeting of the NCCB Administrative Board decided to send to the Vatican its study of the issue of permitting the sacraments to divorced and remarried Catholics.
In March 1995, two months before McEnvy was fired, a team from the NCCB headed by Archbishop Widen F.
bishop earlier that day, the Administrative Committee of the NCCB reissued the USCC document, accompanied by a brief statement of its own.
However, it was in his roles first as president of the Liturgical Conference in the United States from 1959 to 1962 and in 1964-1965, then as a member of Vatican II's Liturgy Commission, and then for ten years as director of the secretariat, NCCB Committee on Liturgy (19651975), that McManus exercised his control.
Physicians hired by Catholic hospitals, for example, sign statements that they understand and will abide by the NCCB Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.