NCCCPNCI Community Cancer Centers Program (National Cancer Institute)
NCCCPNational Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (US CDC)
NCCCPNew Castle County Community Partnership (Delaware)
NCCCPNorth Carolina Council of Community Programs (Raleigh, NC)
NCCCPNorthern California Composers Commissioning Program
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Therefore, quantitative (primary and secondary) and qualitative data at the patient, provider, and area levels are collected and linked to assess which CCCs have made the most progress, why, and the extent to which the NCCCP has achieved its aims and at what cost.
In addition, all NCCCP sites are working to expand their linkages with the NCI-designated cancer centers and their associated investigators, resulting in additional research opportunities.
If NCCCP continues beyond the pilot phase, a subset of these data could be collected on an ongoing basis to support management of the NCCCP and provide useful information for program improvement and future research on the impact of finance, organization, and delivery changes on cancer care and research.
Participating as an NCCCP site has benefited the Billings Cancer Center in several ways.
A successful pilot will lead to the nationwide launch of the NCCCP in 2010.
The NCCCP pilot is designed to encourage the collaboration of private-practice medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists -- with close links to NCI research and to the network of 63 NCI-designated Cancer Centers principally based at large research universities.
NCCCP pilot sites will study how community hospitals nationwide could most effectively develop and implement a national database of voluntarily provided electronic medical records accessible to cancer researchers.