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Oral chemotherapy was first offered at the NCCCR pharmacy a few years ago.
The NCCCR has opened its new out-patient pharmacy as part of its expansion plans.
iPads loaded with the app can be found on stands in all the main departments of the NCCCR.
Dr Noora al-Hammadi, chairperson of Radiation Oncology at the NCCCR, said this development would be of significant benefit to patients.
During the event, HH and NCCCR pharmacy director Dr Manal Zaidan presented a research study that was conducted by the pharmacy department during 2013, as well as the collaborative work carried out with a medical team from the cardiac failure clinic.
Hammoud said that NCCCR has put in place a monitoring system ensuring standards auditing, which has earned the centre the recognition as IAEA programme's first centre of excellence in the region.
Both projects addressed the best strategies to prevent falls in the NCCCR and their outcomes have led to a reduction in falls amongst a very high risk group of patients.
Prof Alexander Knuth, medical director at NCCCR; and Justine Lara Waywell, executive director at NCCCR, also expressed their appreciation for the initiative and the importance of recognising nurses who are very dedicated and committed to providing the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to all patients visiting the NCCCR.
Rajasekaran, the first author of the study and the head of the Cancer Cell Metabolism Laboratory at NCCCR.
The NCCCR is located in a fully renovated laboratory space in 1701 Rockland Road, Wilmington, DE.
In addition, I believe the ongoing accumulation of data about the patients in the country will assist the investigators at NCCCR to develop strategies to better minimise the impact of breast cancer in Qatar," Dr Nuhad said.
The event also included a dedicated mini symposium on radiotherapy, highlighting modern techniques in the treatment of breast cancer at NCCCR.