NCCENorthwest Council for Computer Education
NCCENational Commission for Civic Education (Ghana)
NCCENorth Carolina Cooperative Extension
NCCENational Center for Community Education
NCCENational Coalition for Consumer Education, Inc.
NCCENature Conservancy Council for England (UK)
NCCENational Career Counselor Examination
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To this end, there is need for proper implementation of NCCE Guidelines (1994) which recommended a minimum of ten percent (10%) of the College yearly recurrent expenditure to be utilized on library matters.
NCCE addresses the professional development needs that educators want, according to Rogers, and they are looking for opportunities to put handhelds to their best use in schools.
The NCCE standard also stated that a college library shall operate with not less than three professional staff and it shall maintain a staff ratio of 1:5 (i.
According to James Barry, President of the NCCE, "The results are a barometer of the public's void in knowledge of very important consumer issues.
Via the telephone, MCI and NCCE are offering a special toll-free opportunity to test consumers' knowledge of basic, but important consumer information.
We are creating this competition to encourage students and teachers to close some gaps in high school curriculums," said James Barry, NCCE President.
AT&T Universal Card Services and NCCE are awarding a total of $200,000 in 1993 to organizations delivering credit education to consumers.
CONTACT: Mitch Montagna of AT&T Universal Card Services, 904-443-8896, or after hours, 904-646-3270, or Carole Glade of NCCE, 201-635-1916, or after hours, 201-822-3895/
All consumers can benefit from up-to-date advice and counsel regarding the importance of being credit-wise in a credit-driven economy," said Eileen Hemphill, president of NCCE.
NCCE is a non-profit organization formed in 1981 to promote consumer education in schools, communities and workplaces nationwide.
Larry Casassa, board president of North Central Charter Essential School, has announced that philanthropist Bob Hildreth, longtime friend of the school and NCCES Foundation Board member, has pledged a large contribution toward the charter school's building campaign.
Though she said she appreciates the direction Cushing is going in, she does not see that transition happening at NCCES anytime soon.