NCCEMDNational Committee on Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths (New Zealand)
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The NCCEMD process was modelled on the UK CEMD process, which has been operational since 1952, and advisors from the UK committee assisted SA to develop its enquiry process.
The NCCEMD also produces guidelines for completion of the MDNF.
Failed intubation was the usual problem with GA, morbid obesity being implicated in 2 NCCEMD reports as a contributory factor in 2 out of 61 and 4 out of 183 deaths from failed intubations.
Jack Moodley of the NCCEMD, Dr Natasha Rhoda of the NaPeMMCo and Dr Neil McKerrow of Child CoMMiC, outlined the key drivers of the three mortality groups to all NDoH departmental heads at a workshop early this year.
Earlier this year Izindaba reported on a total absence of supervisory support in Limpopo, where the NCCEMD found that 10% of all C-section patients died due to anaesthesia in 2014.
Two monographs (guideline pocketbooks) were produced by the NCCEMD on: (i) the management of PPH (2010), with algorithms for its prevention and management;[6] and (ii) caesarean section (CS) (2013), aimed at promoting safer CD.
A CME publication on this problem by the NCCEMD appeared in 2012.
4] This problem was noted as contributory in two deaths in the 2005-2007 NCCEMD report [5] in South Africa (SA) and in another three cases in the 2008 2010 report.
14] The NCCEMD report for 2004-2007, published in 2011, stated that all maternity clinics must provide HAART on site, to prevent avoidable delays that were costing women their lives.
The NCCEMD sent the following recommendation to all heads of institutions and training schools involved in maternity care:
NCCEMD, Maternal, Child and Women's Health Directorate.