NCCHDNational Center for Child Health and Development (Tokyo, Japan)
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In addition, in March 2005, the GEMnet2 connection between NCCHD and the NTT R&D Center was completed along with the testing a MPEG2 3-dimensional scanner encoder (to confirm basic quality in local transmission tests).
Based on these outcomes combined with prospective approvals of the medical ethics committee of both NCCHD and UCSF, experimental fetal telediagnoses will be implemented involving remote prenatal treatment via the transmission of 3-dimentional ultrasound data and fetoscopic images.
NTT, NCCHD (Tokyo), UCSF (San Francisco), Children's Hospital Boston (Boston), Sunrise Telecom (San Jose)
To acquire information about advanced prenatal medicine in the US, the NCCHD is founding a wide range of fields of fetal telemedicine along with promoting research works based on the cutting-edge network technologies.
The NCCHD (Tokyo) was founded in 2002 by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare as the fifth national medical center in Japan.
Kiani, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Masimo, stated, "We are proud of our association with NCCHD and grateful to Dr.
NCCHD is operated by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Labor, and provides 500 beds for inpatients and support for over 900 outpatients per day.