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NCCINational Council on Compensation Insurance (Boca Raton, FL)
NCCINational Correct Coding Initiative
NCCINational Council of Churches in India (Nagpur, India)
NCCINational Company for Cooperative Insurance
NCCINamibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
NCCINGO Coordination Center in Iraq
NCCINetwork Call Correlation Identification
NCCINational Coalition of the Chemical Injured
NCCINational Cancer Center Institute (Japan)
NCCINorth Coast Cancer Institute (Australia)
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The NCCI was developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to reduce wasteful overpayment and encourage a consistent and accurate coding policy for procedures and services performed by the same provider on the same date of service.
I look forward to working with the NCCI team to build on this record of success.
In 2014, NCCI sought to reclassify our client as a "camp," with substantial negative financial consequences.
The bundled procedures proposed by the NCCI are part of a larger effort to avoid paying surgeons twice for surgeries that are commonly performed together without significantly increasing operating time, according to Dr.
NCCI selected Roche for his extensive knowledge in commercial lines, including workers compensation, as well as for his vast management and executive leadership experience.
He said the NCCI has undertaken concrete programmes and projects in critical areas, such as education, healthcare, natural disaster relief and rehabilitation and ecological degradation.
Organised by the NCCI Northern Branch and held at UNAM Hifikepunye Pohamba Campus in Ongwediva the gathering was aimed to provide a platform for an intensive exchange between the private and the public sector as well as to demonstrate cohesion and unity towards the challenges of economic development and prosperity for Namibia.
So, NCCI calculates that for x amount of payroll in 7600 in your state, you should have y amount of primary losses (individually under $5,000) and x amount of excess losses (over $5,000 individually).
In February 2000, Hawley signed and submitted to NCCI a crop insurance application in the names of brothers Sydney and Stanley Windquist for crops in South Dakota.
On the plus side, NCCI reports that increases in medical costs have moderated, averaging between 5% and 5.
NCCI also is studying the potential fallout with regard to medical costs, since workers' compensation medical costs remain the most significant piece of health-care expense not controlled by the federal government.
Reluctantly, but methodically, NCCI forged on through the steps of its preparedness plan, however.