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NCCICNational Child Care Information Center
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section] 148(c)(3), (5) (describing NCCIC function and outlining NCICC's risk analysis of cybersecurity incidents).
For example, the private sector must remove non-relevant, personally identifiable information from the data they share and must use the DHS's NCCIC as the primary gateway for information sharing with the federal government.
In such circumstances, DHS, via the NCCIC, works though its processes and with its partners to support DOD missions.
To facilitate this reporting, DIB companies and corporations must adhere to the cybersecurity standards established by the NIST and connect (either virtually or through direct representation) to the NCCIC, which then shares relevant information with the appropriate agencies (National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force, USCYBERCOM, USNORTHCOM, etc.
Some states currently include requirements to protect children from exposure to hazardous materials, ETS, and pets (Figure 3; NCCIC & NARA, 2010).
Attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the NCCIC was the head of the US military s "cyber command," Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, director of the super-secret National Security Agency (NSA).
The high-security new NCCIC facility is located in an Arlington, Virginia, office building and includes a long narrow room dominated by giant wall-mounted video screens displaying maps and threat data.
3476 would also have provided statutory authority for NCCIC, but would have given it somewhat different responsibilities.
The NCCIC helps private sector and government entities better defend themselves against cyber threats by sharing information, encouraging the adoption of best practices, and responding to cyber incidents.
This partnership between the NCCIC and CTIIC is critical in our Nations efforts to protect our networks and enhance cybersecurity.
The NCCIC, housed a civilian agency, which is less controversial info sharing partner than the intelligence community.
Federal agencies receiving such information would be required to share it with NCCIC, which could share it with other federal entities upon request of the provider of the information.