NCCKNational Council of Churches of Kenya
NCCKProtestant National Council of Churches of Kenya
NCCKNational Christian Council of Kenya (est. 1943; now National Council of Churches of Kenya)
NCCKNorsk Chow Chow Klubb (Norwegian Chow Chow Club; show dog owners)
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Interestingly, Pentecostals, who belong to both the NCCK and emerging churches, made significant contributions to the effort to hold the two groups together, in light of the common goal of seeing the assembly succeed.
Ashiono GB, Kwambai TK and ES Mwasame Sorghum as a Food and Fodder Crop for the Dry Cold Highlands of Kenya In: Paper Presented at a Workshop organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marketing held at NCCK Nakuru on 3rd March, 1994.
Our efforts to forestall the current crisis were not effective, because we as the membership of NCCK did not speak in one voice.
Many observers, including the NCCK, found the bill objectionable on human rights grounds, arguing that it contains provisions that violate the Constitution.