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NCCLNational Council for Civil Liberties
NCCLNational Conference of Catechetical Leadership
NCCLNagarjuna Construction Company Ltd
NCCLNational Coalition of Clergy and Laity
NCCLNon-Carious Cervical Lesion
NCCLNarmada Cement Company Limited
NCCLNewark Center for Creative Learning
NCCLNational Committee for Christian Leadership
NCCLNational Collegiate Chess League
NCCLNational Centre for Children's Literature
NCCLNorth Circular Chess League
NCCLNamibian Copper Corporation Limited
NCCLNorthwest Communications Centers, Ltd.
NCCLNorth Central Citizens' League
NCCLNirma Consumer Care Limited
NCCLNATO Concept for Co-operation in Logistics
NCCLNational Conference of Church Leaders
NCCLNew Center for Collaborative Leadership
NCCLNational Consumer Council for Liberia
NCCLNetwork Channel Control List (Motorola)
NCCLNorthants Cricket Combination League
NCCLNiagara Centre for Community Leadership
NCCLNational Consumer Credit Laws (Australia)
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She added: "Harriet Harman regrets the existence of PIE and she regrets they had any involvement at all with NCCL.
0%) of the HbA1c EQA program set by the NCCL was used as the TE[sub]a; 1/3 the TE[sub]a (2.
But he insisted he had fought and won a battle to kick the paedophile group out when he was NCCL chairman in 1976.
In her first public comments since the current controversy broke, Ms Hewitt said the NCCL had been "naive and wrong" about the PIE in the 1970s.
Reports from a NCCL meeting held in a pub in north London in January 1976 also emerged last night.
The Daily Mail has demanded that they apologise - and explain why they didn't call for the NCCL to disown PIE or, if they could not convince the organisation to do that, why they didn't resign.
Ms Harman began the day by issuing a statement through a spokeswoman expressing her "regret" that the NCCL now known as Liberty had ever become involved with PIE.
The NCCL led calls for a fresh inquiry into the Bloody Sunday massacre in Northern Ireland in 1972, eventually leading to David Cameron's apology for the incident in 2010, he said.
Ques-tions have been raised following reports that in 1976, while Mr Dromey and Ms Harman were members of the NCCL, the group filed a submission to a parliamentary committee claiming that a proposed Bill to protect children from sex abusers would lead to 'damaging and absurd prosecutions'.
Even though the biomechanical process related to the formation of NCCL is still not fully understood, a common theme seems to be the presence of high occlusal force causing tooth flexion.
CLSI Methods 2006, Performance Standards for Anti-microbial Susceptibility Tests, 9th Edition, NCCL Document M2-Ag Disc Methods; CLSI document M7-A7 Dilution Methods; NCCLS 940 W.