NCCWNational Council of Catholic Women
NCCWNational Council for Conservation of Wildlife (Pakistan)
NCCWNational Council for Child Welfare (Sudan, Africa)
NCCWNasr Company for Civil Works (Egypt; stock symbol)
NCCWNoncontact Cooling Water
NCCWNational Chiropractic Care Week (Chiropractors' Association of Australia)
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The NCCW Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) serves, in part, as an inmate referral source and plays a supportive role in the process of ensuring that inmates with major mental illnesses are referred and treated appropriately.
From November 1994 to the end of December 2004, The average female inmate in the NCCW nursery program was a white, 25-year-old, single mother with an average of 2.
Under the auspices of the Welfare Conference's Department of Lay Organizations, which was directed by Cleveland Bishop Joseph Schrembs, the NCCW coordinated and connected the variety of laywomen's societies and organizations throughout the country.
Massive consumption of NCCW, and mixing and dilution of the ironmaking effluents, must be avoided.
The Bureau of International Affairs and Foreign Visitors Office, connected with the NCCW and National Council of Catholic Men, also provided an experiential background for the foundation in November 1959 of the Bureau of Latin America Affairs.
Silver Peak VXOA software overcomes the adverse effects of latency, congestion, and limited network capacity--all of which were significantly impairing offsite replication and application performance for NCCW.
Prior to accreditation, NCCW used the inmate rules and regulations manual as its guidance document and did not have separate operational memorandums or administrative regulations to follow.
UNICEF stated, "the Memorandum is the outcome of an initial and successful cooperation between UNICEF, NCCW and SAF which began in early 2008 with the training of 180 SAF officers in the Darfur states and in Khartoum State.
These local affiliates are following the lead of NCCW and the U.
In 1978, the NCCW issued a public statement urging that the diaconate be open to women.
Under the terms of the contract Cordys and NCCW are jointly building an innovative cloud computing platform with which housing corporations can streamline and improve their business processes.
Organizations around the world that purchased Oracle Database and/or Oracle Collaboration Suite during the first quarter include: Cerner Corporation, City of Miami, Florida, Fidelity National Finance, Invacare, MTS Mobile Telesystems of Russia, NCCW Netherlands, Northern Health Region of Norway, Norwegian Post, Orange, Siemens, U.