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NCDCNational Climatic Data Center
NCDCNational Clean Diesel Campaign (EPA)
NCDCNational Cooperative Development Corporation (India)
NCDCNational Climatic Data Centre (UK)
NCDCNational Criminal Defense College (Macon, GA)
NCDCNational Communicable Disease Center
NCDCNational Council of Development Communication
NCDCNorth Central Data Cooperative
NCDCNational Centers for Disease Control
NCDCNorth Carolina Department of Commerce
NCDCNorthern California Dachshund Club (Sacramento, CA)
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While reported seizures of synthetic cannabinoids amounted to only 100 grams in first six months of 2016, the NCDC has actively engaged the international donor community to hold training and seminars focused on synthetics.
Samples were also sent to NCDC, which too confirmed that the animals died of rabies.
5[degrees] latitude, longitude grid cell at an elevation of 2 m above the average elevation of earth's surface above mean sea level encompassed by the MERRA grid, while the NCDC values are the 2 meter local surface observations at the site's elevation above mean sea level.
For more information on the impacts of diesel emissions and the NCDC program visit the EPA NCDC program site.
Editor's note: Crandall and Cranford are co-op business development specialists with the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center (NCDC); Bergstrom is a graduate assistant at NCDC.
The team held several discussions with key senior officials, public health and primary health care experts from the Libyan Ministry of Health, NCDC and Primary Health Care department.
Nystrom said he and Bob Mills of the NCDC discussed the possibility of a hearing on Sunday night.
General Malik bin Suleiman Al Maa€™amari, I-G of Police and Customs and NCDC chief, committee members were briefed on the efforts made to address consequences of the adverse weather conditions which affected the Sultanate recently.
NCDC President Arlon Chaffee told Foster's Daily Democrat the developer "didn't slam the door" and the group will request a rehearing from the Zoning Board of Adjustment on the request for an area variance.
Karl, director of NCDC, and colleagues analyzed recent temperature data.
The months of April through June were the driest on record for Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas, according to the NCDC.
The NCDC is the only dedicated advocacy, policy, training and technical support organization for DWI Courts in the nation.