NCDENRNorth Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
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Private drinking water wells sampled by NCDENR to date show exceedances only for substances that are also naturally occurring and common in the region's soil.
In addition, NCDENR issued three inspection letters requesting additional information on pipes where no leaks were detected at the Buck, Riverbend and Marshall Steam Stations.
EPA, 1996b) and NCDENR groundwater quality standards (NCDENR, 2005a), were created for turbidity (>1.
EPA and NCDENR recreational freshwater quality criteria were created to assess the frequency with which microbiological and chemical criteria and standards were exceeded in weekly surface water samples.
Twenty-nine of 50 samples exceeded the NCDENR-recommended turbidity guideline of 50 NTU for protection of freshwater aquatic life and 45/50 samples exceeded the NCDENR recommended guideline of 10 NTU for trout fishing waters (NCDENR, 2007).
Communicate progress regularly to the City, NCDENR and EPA.
Based on its own air-modeling study, NCDENR estimated that historical releases of hydrogen sulfide reached average maximum levels of 860 ppb in a few residences very near the asphalt facilities.
be compliant with NCDENR regulations and approved by the County prior to any hauling activities.
In a news release today NCDENR confirmed State officials did not identify any imminent public health or safety hazards The agency issued eight Notices of Deficiency and requested engineering assessments and repair plans for pipes at Marshall Steam Station in Catawba County, Riverbend and Allen Steam Stations in Gaston County, Buck Steam Station in Rowan County and Cliffside Steam Station in Rutherford and Cleveland counties.
The property is designated as a brownfields site by NCDENR, in order to facilitate redevelopment.
If measured nutrient levels persist, we face the very real threat of increased, costly new regulations and rules not only from NCDENR, but also from EPA and Federal Clean Water Act citizen lawsuits.