NCDFNational Center for Disaster Fraud (US DHS)
NCDFNorthcountry Cooperative Development Fund (Minneapolis, MN)
NCDFNetwork Common Data Format
NCDFNet Control Direction Finding
NCDFNormalized Curvature Difference Function (heart condition)
NCDFNormalized Cumulative Distribution Function (biophysics)
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NCDF offers loans of $5,000 to $500,000 to finance real estate acquisition, leasehold improvements, equipment, inventory and working capital.
NCDF members provide 40 percent of the fund's capital.
NCDF frequently partners with cooperative development centers and other experts to ensure that cooperatives have access to the technical assistance and training resources to support the cooperative's success.
In 2014, NCDF made $3 million in loans to cooperatives, and our loans helped leverage $30 million in additional capital from other sources.
The NCDF decision is particularly regrettable given the need for direct foreign investment into the UK and may ultimately mean Eisai is forced to scale back its operations in the country.
In addition to the $205,000 loan that enabled it to open for business, NCDF staff also assisted with the co-op's business plan.
Home healthcare is a low-profile industry, says NCDF Executive Director Margaret Lund, but its potential is sky-high as institutional care costs rise and the population ages.
They had the help of NCDF staff, which "rolled with the punches" and helped seek a solution.
By the end of 2004, the co-op was negotiating a substantial loan with a local commercial lender, using a USDA Rural Development loan guarantee, combined with a subordinate loan from NCDF.
NCDF embraced the idea of helping mobile home park residents become cooperative park owners after witnessing the success of similar programs in California and New Hampshire.
NCDF is also actively pursuing the conversion of expiring Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects and USDA Section 515 properties into resident-owned cooperatives and is actively involved in the adaptive reuse of buildings as residential homeownership cooperatives in rural areas.
NCDF has also published the Cooperative Housing Toolbox: A Practical Guide for Cooperative Success.