NCDLNational Canine Defence League
NCDLNorth Carolina Driver's License
NCDLNetworked Common Data Link
NCDLNorthern California Diagnostic Laboratories (Napa, CA)
NCDLNewsgroup Civil Defense League
NCDLNumerically Controlled Delay Line
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If I hadn't, I would have had to take him back to the NCDL shelter I got him from
Inside the back of the van was thick newspaper with lots of stale, thick yellow urine and muck,' said the NCDL officer.
WORLDY WISE: The seven puppies were born at the NCDL after their mum Lou was abandoned by her owners
REX, an 11-year-old Collie Cross, who has been at the NCDL in Roden, Shrops (tel: 01952 770 225), for three-and-a-half years.
FIRM FRIENDS Rescueworker Sarah McKay with Yogi, the abandoned alsatian, and Heather, the whippet collie cross, at the NCDL Centre in Bridgend.
Arranged by Lord Lipsey, a leading Labour peer and director of the Horserace Tote Board, the NCDL afterwards stated that it was agreed that this would be the start of dialogue between the groups.
The NCDL says: 'Like his namesake, Harry Potter the Labrador Cross started life with no family to love him.
Mr Anjela, who works for an investment company, already has a two-year-old Border Collie called Laddie, which he adopted from the same NCDL shelter in Leeds.
She spotted a plea in a newspaper from the NCDL for a petlover to take in two black terriers who could not be parted.
She tried for months to find suitable new owners - but eventually had no choice but to leave them at her local NCDL centre.
Please contact Clare Kivlehan at NCDL, Wakley Street, London,
Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of the NCDL, said, ``We are horrified that there are more dogs left to wander the streets this year, especially as the figure has been falling steadily each year.