NCDMMNational Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (Latrobe, PA)
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The automated inspection system project is included in a 2012 Defense-Wide Manufacturing Science and Technology (DMS&T) program secured by NCDMM through the AFRL at Wright-Patterson AFB.
NCDMM has been collaborating with Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc.
Located in Latrobe, PA, NCDMM embarked on its mission in 2003 to test and develop related manufacturing and machining processes.
Defense contractors and military depots increasingly are seeking help from the NCDMM in areas such as worker training, machine tool upgrades and advice on how to increase the efficiency of their assembly lines, VanKirk said.
As defense budgets and spending get cut, companies have to find faster and more efficient ways to produce the same amount of parts, if not more, with less funding," says Glenn Sheffler, manager of outreach at NCDMM.
The transition will be an easy one as John has been an active member on the NCDMM Board and has a clear understanding of the Center's vision and mission," stated NCDMM Board member Larry Farrell, President of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).
In announcing the award, NCDMM Executive Director Mark Huston stated, "Through various initiatives for the development and deployment of advanced machining and manufacturing techniques, the NCDMM has been helping DoD organizations keep pace with the rapid progression of advanced material applications in modern defense systems.
According to NCDMM, productivity improvements of 30-40 percent are achievable by improving manufacturing technologies.
The NCDMM delivers state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions to ensure the quality, affordability, maintainability, and rapid deployment of existing and yet-to-be developed defense systems.
5 million in federal funding for the NCDMM in the Defense Department's fiscal year 2003 budget, with an additional $3.
Capturing each new machining technique in Vykor's digital Global Production Format allows the NCDMM to easily distribute productivity enhancements to the entire manufacturing base.
His organization, NCDMM, has worked with defense contractors to help them upgrade outdated technology, improve processes and incorporate new tooling.