NCDNHCNon-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency (support organization of ICANN)
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Involved at the time the constituencies were being formed, members of the ACM-IGC were in a position to be influential in writing the charter of the NCDNHC, recruiting a wide range of international organizations to join, and working with this group to ensure that the NCDNHC will work to protect the rights of free speech and open communication for all noncommercial participants.
The main difference between the first two is that ISOC believes any entity can be a member of the NCDNHC if it is incorporated as a non-profit organization - like ISOC itself - while the ICIIU position calls for the denial of membership to entities if a "significant percentage of their funding comes from commercial sources," as such entities can be adequately represented within one or more of the other six constituencies.