NCDOCNorth Carolina Department of Corrections
NCDOCNavy Cyber Defense Operations Command (US DoD; formerly NAVCIRT)
NCDOCNorth Carolina Department of Commerce (Raleigh, NC)
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Periodically, using data provided by NCDOC, the team calculated the recidivism rates of former participants re-incarcerated.
The leadership of the YOP and of Education Services in the NCDOC has invested considerable effort in effectively connecting the correctional facilities with their cooperating (IHEs).
However, no large-scale program is trouble-free and Education Services in the NCDOC used the evaluation as a way to identify issues that need to be addressed.
NCDOC addressed this challenge by creating PROMETHEUS, a suite of tools that monitors, reports and analyzes malicious network activity.
With Novell Sentinel, we have a unified, real-time view of malicious activity across our diverse global environment from a central console," said Keith Rohwer, NCDOC director of Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation.
According to Fripp, the North Carolina prototypes evolved in 1980 because NCDOC wanted to provide inmate rehabilitation programming during evening hours.
The first design team included Fripp and NCDOC operational staff.
NCDOC chose tunnel forming because of reduced costs and labor time compared to modular precast concrete construction.
Powers: NCDOC is the Navy's designated Computer Network Defense Service Provider; each service has one.
Costello: I think a key point is that NETWARCOM is responsible for the availability of the Navy's networks, and that NCDOC is responsible for their defense.
The Prometheus solution GTSI integrated into NCDOC represents what GTSI has become today -- a solution provider capable of bringing together many different sources to provide our customers the solutions that address very specific needs," said Jim Leto, GTSI President and CEO.
The Navy and NCDOC are very happy with the work that has been done with Prometheus.