NCDOLNorth Carolina Department of Labor
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101) The NCDOL recommends that each participating financial institution determine one branch per financial institution that will be responsible for setting up IDAs.
Each year the NCDOL compiles data relating to NCDOL IDA programs across North Carolina.
By 2005, the NCDOL reported that the number of participants in IDA programs had increased more than 300% since 2004, with a total of 1,084 IDA participants.
155) While the 2006 map shows fewer participating practitioners and counties, Tina Morris Anderson, Director of Research and Policy of the NCDOL, indicates that interest in IDA programs in North Carolina is growing and in turn will make IDA programs more available.
160) Further, she indicates that the NCDOL prefers that the program practitioner have prior experience with home buying, small business development, and career counseling.
SECU is pleased to join with RCCDC and NCDOL to assist our members through this IDA program.
Together, RCCDC, SECU and NCDOL will be able to make a positive difference