NCDOTNorth Carolina Department of Transportation
NCDOTNational Council of Deans of Technology (Canada)
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Upgrading the highway to an interstate has been a long-time goal of the Davidson County Commissioners, the City of Lexington, and the Winston-Salem and High Point Metropolitan Planning Organizations, said NCDOT Division 9 Board of Transportation Member Michael Wells.
More than two thousand homes lay within the Winston-Salem NCDOT "protected road corridor.
In 2009, a competitive business environment among construction contractors promised savings of up to 20 percent on the project estimates developed by NCDOT engineers.
To maintain cool-season grasses--such as tall fescue--in western North Carolina, NCDOT uses a plant growth regulator program to reduce the height of the grass.
NCDOT is currently conducting an economic assessment of the plan that must be completed for the General Assembly.
Managing risk conies with the territory for personnel with NCDOT, but the goal is to integrate risk-based concepts and approaches throughout the department in a more consistent and conscious marmer.
Code, which governs the federal aid highway program; state statutes governing the NCDOT and authorizing the bonds; and federal aid agreements, including the memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the department.
NCDOT and the North Carolina Division of Water Quality shared a 2011 Environmental Excellence Award from FHWA for the project.
Before SAS' work with NCDOT, nobody had used LIDAR data to predict stream and wetland locations for construction planning purposes.
According to Saving Lives by Preventing Across Median Crashes in North Carolina, a document outlining a 1998 study conducted by NCDOT, more than 38 people lose their lives and nearly 300 others are injured in cross-median crashes on North Carolina freeways each year.
It is the NCDOT Equipment and Inventory Control Division that is directly responsible for the equipment fleet.
Chapel Hill Transit Joins the NCDOT Contract with Several Other Rural Transit Agencies