NCDOTNorth Carolina Department of Transportation
NCDOTNational Council of Deans of Technology (Canada)
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senior vice president of Lane, "The I-85/I-485 turbine interchange is a true testament to the NCDOT design-build process and to the innovative potential of the collaboration between two great companies.
NCDOT obtained location data from cell phones to determine major origin-destination patterns and to understand the traffic flows along U.
NCDOT is currently conducting an economic assessment of the plan that must be completed for the General Assembly.
ViaSat worked extensively on the network design to engineer complete coverage of the Piedmont rail corridor, ensuring uninterrupted Wi-Fi services to passengers and easy management of train configurations by NCDOT.
In 2009, a competitive business environment among construction contractors promised savings of up to 20 percent on the project estimates developed by NCDOT engineers.
Highly Leveraged Asset Partially Mitigated by NCDOT Backup and TIFIA Flexibility: The Triangle Expressway is leveraged at about 25x and 27x in Fitch's base and stress cases, respectively, which builds in a high level of sensitivity to time savings, fuel prices, a delayed opening and high ramp-up.
Managing risk conies with the territory for personnel with NCDOT, but the goal is to integrate risk-based concepts and approaches throughout the department in a more consistent and conscious marmer.
Code, which governs the federal aid highway program; state statutes governing the NCDOT and authorizing the bonds; and federal aid agreements, including the memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the department.
This investment is a down payment on the sustainable health of pollinators in North Carolina and a model for how public-private partnerships, like that between Bayer and NCDOT, can benefit the environment and state," said Jim Blome, president and CEO of Bayer CropScience LP.
Noteworthy projects include the CATERPILLAR factory site in Winston-Salem, the MARSOC campus for Marine Special Forces in Camp Lejeune, many highway projects for the NCDOT throughout the state, and airport runway extensions in Charlotte and Myrtle Beach.
NCDOT staff previously attempted to substitute field delineations of wetlands and streams with GIS-based delineations, but they quickly discovered that existing data were insufficient.
SAS provides the engine for this innovative and collaborative project between NCDOT and the North Carolina Division of Water Quality (NCDWQ), which won an Environmental Excellence Award from the Federal Highway Administration.