NCDPINorth Carolina Department of Public Instruction
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He sought volunteers to attend the NCDPI RTI professional development scheduled for that spring.
to define what the decision rules for the school would be for level 1 and how to use, and, if need be, adapt the NCDPI forms for each level for the school.
In the main, participants acknowledged the professional development provided by NCDPI and the lead NCDPI trainer as a critical component.
The NCDPI (2002) assessed validity by asking teachers to evaluate the adequacy of the match between the EOG tests and the NCSCS.
For this study, archival EOG test results were requested and obtained from the NCDPI for all grade six students in the state who were tested in the spring of both 2006 and 2007.
NCDPI will use Race to the Top funds to cover migration costs during the pilot phase, including physical site assessments, security audits, any necessary operating systems upgrades, backups, and help desk support.
Currently, NCDPI offers Core Curriculum, Carpentry, Construction Technology, Electrical, H VAC, Masonry, Plumbing, Welding, Weatherization and Your Role in the Green Environment programs.
NCDPI has witnessed the benefits of its craft training programs.
During this project, the NCDPI funded and provided support to implement an online catalog network at each of two high schools in Davidson County.
NCDPI and TE21 are also preparing special educator-oriented practice exercises to be used by North Carolina teachers and other public school employees as they progress through the courses.
The result is a site where NCDPI, TE21 and North Carolina can lead the way for improving state education by empowering educators with online access to valuable learning content and resources," said Lozeau.
NCwin is part of a larger NCDPI initiative, NC WISE OWL that addresses many of the equity and content issues of Internet access in the state's public schools.