NCDRCNational Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (India)
NCDRCNational Construction Dispute Resolution Committee
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Two years ago, the NCDRC asked the KSCDRC to dispose of the case within eight months.
The reports have stated that the NCDRC gave its ruling on a complaint by a private firm executive, Mukund Reddy, who purchased a Mercedes Benz car of E 250 D model from its dealer Trans Cars India Ltd , Chennai in 1998.
The NCDRC had on December 10 sent 16 more samples of the noodles for testing in the Chennai lab to ascertain the quantity of lead and MSG in them.
The NCDRC has also held that bad behaviour by an employee of a service provider is deficiency of service.
The NCDRC on December 10 had said that the local commissioner would send 16 more samples of Maggi noodles for testing in Chennai to ascertain the quantity of lead and mono sodium glutamate in them in connection with the government's ` 640- crore law suit against the company on account of alleged unfair trade practices.
In the Mela, apart from National Consumer Helpline, BIS, FSSAI, NTH, NCDRC, Weights and Measures, reputed private companies also participated in good number.
THE VERDICT: NCDRC ruled that lawyers can be proceeded against under the CPA.
Accordingly the complaint is dismissed," NCDRC had held.
Department of Consumer Affairs has now filed a petition on behalf of Indian consumers in the NCDRC based on FSSAI's order, which said Nestle indulged in unfair trade practices and misleading advertisements.
Delivering an order in last week, the Presiding Member of NCDRC - K.
Recently, the NCDRC refused to entertain a class action suit.
Describing the alleged lapses related to food safety standards in Maggi noodles as a serious issue, Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Wednesday said the NCDRC will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.