NCDSNational Child Development Study (UK)
NCDSNorth Carolina Dental Society
NCDSNational Child Development Survey (UK)
NCDSNational Center for Dispute Settlement (arbitration firm)
NCDSNational Center for Disability Services
NCDSNet-Centric Data Strategy (US DoD)
NCDSNASA Climate Data System
NCDSNaval Combat Data System
NCDSNational Council for Divorced and Separated
NCDSNational Coach Development School
NCDSNavigation Critical Distribution System
NCDSNaath Community Development Service
NCDSNewton Country Day School (Newton, MA)
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The organization will address the followings: a) NUD is inclusive to all Nuer members worldwide and that its membership is a birthright membership, irrespective of geographical location as long as one is a Nuer by birthright; b) NUD's membership is not based on the sale and purchases as NCDS that sales membership to its members through political, military, and monetary value support to Riek Machar; c) If any contribution is made, it will be limited to the fewer Dollars amount and that amount cannot be used for a political purpose like NCDS that channels its fund to support Riek Machar's insurgency in South Sudan.
Finally, NUD could not have come to existence had NCDS responsibly executed its duties that its members have the same birthrights without any discrimination against those, who hold different political views from Riek Machar.
THE NCDS has been serving the community for over 40 years, helping people who are divorced or going through a divorce and are separated, or are a widow or a widower or have been widowed.
NCDS was formed in March 1974 to continue and extend the work carried out during the previous eight years by the
NCDS specialises in helping people to start a new social life.
Membership of the NCDS is available to all divorced, separated and widowed people and anyone who finds themselves middle aged and single, not married or widowed, who provide proof of status and identity.
With an equal partnership in this transaction, we will be able to maximize the strengths of both parties in terms of technologies, resources and manpower," said Ming-Wei Wang, Director, of the Shanghai-based NCDS.
Using its advanced technology platforms and high quality services, and through external collaborations with biopharmaceutical research and development institutions, the NCDS is playing an indispensable role in the adequate utilization of compound resources nationwide and promotion of innovative drug development.
Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: 1) The NCDS will utilize GeneBLAzer and Polar Screen technologies in its screening work, in addition to developing new methods and assays; 2) The NCDS' focus in natural products research and traditional Chinese medicine will broaden Invitrogen's reach in medical technologies; 3) The collaboration will yield data on the value of Invitrogen's technologies for identifying small-molecule modulators of nuclear-receptor activity; 4) Potential targets identified through this collaboration will lead to further cooperation between the organizations.
The Career and Employment Institute at NCDS has earned an international reputation for training and placing people with physical disabilities into the competitive job market.
Kodak has provided NCDS with a Kodak ImageSource 70 copier- printer configured with an access kit that allows individuals who are physically challenged to operate the copier-printer.