NCEBNorth Coast Electronic Billing (medical industry)
NCEBNorthern California East Bay (Institute of Internal Auditors chapter)
NCEBNational Conference on E-Business (Thailand)
NCEBNorth Cork Enterprise Board (Mallow, County Cork, Ireland)
NCEBNorthern California Egyptian Breeders (horses)
NCEBNATO Communications-Electronics Board
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Since we started using ClaimStaker in March, we have already dramatically improved our clean claims rate," says Cathy Czarney, CPC, coding manager at NCEB.
In addition to cleaner claims, Czarney explains that ClaimStaker's reporting features have impacted NCEB as well: "I've begun using ClaimStaker to identify patterns," she says.
Over just a few short months, NCEB is faced with fewer denied and rejected claims to re-work, which means the staff can redirect its time and focus to other tasks.