NCEENational Council on Economic Education
NCEENational Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance (US Department of Education)
NCEENational Center on Education and the Economy
NCEENational College Entrance Examination
NCEENational Council of Engineering Examiners
NCEENational Coalition for Electronics Education
NCEENaval Collaborative Engineering Environment
NCEENortheast Consortium for Engineering Education
NCEENational Coordinating Council for Education (Philippines)
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The NCEE is running three modules in its 2014 Entrepreneurial University Leaders Programme.
The table contains results for the whole sample of Belarusian economic educators (n = 204) and for the sub-sample of economic educators (n = 71) who participated in the NCEE training programs.
As would be expected from a secular organization such as the NCEE, there is no treatment of religious perspectives on justice.
Department of Treasury, 2006; Jump$tart Coalition, 2004; NCEE, 2005b; FDIC, 2004; NEFE, 2004a).
WINNERS: Dr Kelly Smith , Professor Liz Town-Andrews with Paul Hannon, Chief Executive, NCEE
An NCEE report published this month gave a green light to universities to make lower offers to students from poorer backgrounds with great "potential".
Fully one-third have attended an NCEE or state training session.
Following this assumption, the NCEE has developed a set of curriculum materials that emphasize the study of economics in other courses, especially social studies.
As FORCEnet matures, we anticipate a matching maturity of the NCEE and associated data structures.
Elizabeth Volard, senior vice president of the NCEE, says the council has used an adapted version of MBA's "Financial Choices" on its interactive CD-ROM "Virtual Economics.