NCEERNational Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
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Proceedings of the NCEER Workshop on evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance of Soils: Edited by Youd, T.
Soil liquefaction and its evaluation based on SPT and CPT: Draft of paper presented at the NCEER Workshop on Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance, Salt Lake City, Utah, January 4-5.
This simplied procedure, therefore, has been referred to as the NCEER procedure within this study and is shown below.
The NCEER procedure is based on the cyclic stress approach, the earthquake induced loading expressed in terms of cyclic shear stresses, is compared with the cyclic liquefaction resistance of the soil.
Depth of the bore logs used in the study is limited to 50 ft since NCEER procedure is only applicable to shallow depths of 50 ft.
Liquefaction resistance of soils: Summary report from the 1996 NCEER and 1998 NCEER/NSF Workshop on Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance of Soi1s", J.
Parameter Average Estimated COV (%) value Magnitude scaling NCEER COV(|MSF-1|)-22 factor, MSF Report Stress-reduction NCEER coefficient, [r.
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NCEER suggests using the equation (4) to determine the value of MSF: