NCEESNational Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
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Currently, the NCEES - model specifies that an aspiring PE must meet the following requirements to sit for the exam: hold a bachelor's degree in engineering from an ABET-accredited program, have at least four years of appropriate work experience, have passed the FE exam, and possess a clean disciplinary record.
This exam will be administered as a computer-based exam beginning in 2014 and the volunteers' responses will help NCEES determine the passing score for the FE exam.
As a former NCEES Western Zone Vice President, he represented engineering and surveying licensing boards from 13 western states and two U.
She was the first woman engineer to be appointed to the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and is the first woman to serve on the NCEES structural exam committee.
The NCEES model is used by state licensing boards as they develop laws and rules within their jurisdictions.
Responses to a 1998 survey of the state licensing offices, the most recent one done by NCEES, showed that only 13 of the 55 U.
She worked diligently to coordinate communication between ASABE and NCEES to maintain a professional licensure examination for the practice of agricultural engineering.
ASABE is joining a cooperative effort with NCEES and biological-engineering-related societies in the development of a professional engineering (PE) exam in biological engineering.
ASABE members attend annual meetings and serve on NCEES committees.
Calculators with communication or text editing capabilities will be banned from all NCEES exam sites.
Recently, the Licensure Qualifications Oversight Group (LQOG) has been charged with making recommendations to NCEES from the data gathered by the ELQTF.
Additional licensure questions and answers can be found on the NSPE and NCEES Websites at www.