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The cloud cover isn't just a concern in Oregon, because NOAA's NCEI and the Cooperative Institutes for Climate and Satellites-North Carolina reviewed past cloud conditions for Aug.
NEXRAD Level II data have been archived at NCEI [formerly the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)] since 1994 (Kelleher et al.
2015) included a large effort to QC the integrity of the data downloaded from NCEI, which is typical of any large-scale data reprocessing effort requiring a large copy of data from the NCEI archive.
The NCEI report is a considerably more up-to-date analysis of AC in the United States, but relies on much more general indicators of program success.
NCEI, 2011: State of the Climate: Drought--Annual 2011 report.
2013) identified a discrepancy in the code utilized by NCEI to compute the Palmer drought indices.
Figures lb and lc show PDSI from NCEI at the scale of climate divisions and from the WWDT at the scale of PRISM data.
National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service (NESDIS) including JPSS, GOES-R, and NCEI
NCEI, 2015: Billion-dollar weather and climate disasters: table of events: 2015.
Global daily PERSIANN-CDR precipitation data were downloaded via ftp protocol from NOAAs NCEI CDR website (www.
We obtained station-level climate normal information from the NCEI, that is, the mean and standard deviation of the daily heat metrics computed based on data from 1981 to 2010 (Arguez et al.
The CDR program was established at the National Climatic Data Center, now part of NCEI.