NCEMTNational Center for Excellence in Metalworking Technology
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While present McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and NCEMT experiments with SPF are specifically geared to defense applications, the process, with some development, is expected to one day carve out a niche for itself in auto manufacturing for the production of lightweight car bodies.
In the case of the cast projectile, NCEMT engineers used the CFD module to experiment with alternate operating parameters, such as superheat of the molten metal and various ingate and riser designs and casting orientations.
For example, the |Mathematical Expression Omitted~ software allowed NCEMT engineers to rotate casting models 360 degrees, cut models open to examine porosity, change display colors to dramatize temperature or other variations, change the background color, magnify sections of a model, and open up as many windows as necessary to compare and contrast different views and, if necessary, different castings.
To meet the Navy's requirements, NCEMT engineers combined the results of their design analysis and casting simulations and specified minimum fracture toughness and nondestructive evaluation criteria for flaw size.