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NCEPNational Centers for Environmental Prediction (US NOAA)
NCEPNational Cholesterol Education Program
NCEPNCA (National Command Authorities) Conferencing Enhancement Program
NCEPNational Commission on Energy Policy
NCEPNational Coaches Education Program
NCEPNational Clean Energy Project
NCEPNATO Civil Emergency Planning
NCEPNational Crabapple Evaluation Program
NCEPNational Camp Evaluation Project (Institute for Career and Leisure Development)
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As expected, many more participants were eligible for statins according to the ACC/AHA guideline (39%), compared with the NCEP guideline (14%).
It approved the general plan for 2015, which includes seeking approval from the government to establish the Saudi Association for Convention and Exhibition, applying consumer goods' licensing procedures and measures, approving the Financial Return programme to the service provided by NCEP and developing the policies and procedures of licensing convention and exhibition facilities.
Commenting on the first such meet of the professional societies in the Kingdom, Tariq Abdul Rahman Al-Eisa, NCEP executive director, said: "The main objective of organizing the Saudi Societies Day is to develop capabilities of business heads, chief executives and officials working in the management of professional, scientific and medical societies in the Kingdom, so as to acquire the ability to organize distinctive meetings and conferences as well as enable them to build partnerships with their counterparts in the international societies.
NCEP has put together guidelines for the benefits of lowering cholesterol levels for the prevention of CAD.
A recent study showed that 5 of the 8 examined direct HDL-C assays (representing all reagent systems used in the US) met the established goals of the NCEP working group set in 1995 when the study examined normolipidemic individuals, but all assays failed to meet the desired criteria when used for individuals with disease (7).
34%) patients according to the modified WHO, NCEP ATP III, modified NCEP ATP III and IDF criteria, respectively.
All the patients underwent a coronary CT angiogram and doctors compared their risk of coronary heart disease, determined by the Framingham and NCEP risk assessment tools, to the amount of plaque actually found in their arteries as a result of the scan.
Iki farkli tani kriterinin, hemostatik risk gostergeleriyle olan iliskisinin karsilastirildigi bir calismada; WHO kriterleri, NCEP ATP III tanimma ustun bulunmustur (19).
Finally, the fact that the majority of the NCEP guideline-writers have financial ties to the drug industry is extremely troubling.
The NCEP includes three sub-processes--capability evolution planning, the capability engineering process, and the portfolio execution process--and key activities.
According to NCEP, the EIA study analyzes a number of the commission's major recommendations, including those related to fuel economy and a cap and trade proposal for addressing climate change.
The NCEP identified high-risk individuals as those with a history of heart attack; angina; high blood pressure; low levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol; angioplasty or bypass surgery; obstructed blood vessels to the arms, legs or brain; or diabetes, among other risk factors.