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NCEPODNational Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death
NCEPODNational Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Deaths
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Contacting Prof Konotey-Ahulu about his comments online in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), he told New African that he had written to Prime Minister Gordon Brown drawing his attention to the NCEPOD report, and pointing out that the serious findings of NCEPOD had been what he and others had been saying for "years, nay decades".
Almost half of patient assessments when they reached hospital was not good enough, the NCEPOD report shows, and warning signs that a patient was deteriorating and may suffer a cardiac arrest were seen in three-quarters of cases.
NCEPOD said its findings may indicate a "lack of awareness" among doctors of the risks of renal failure in hospitalised patients, a "poor understanding" of how the condition progresses or inadequate knowledge of how to manage it.
This is hard to reconcile with the NCEPOD evidence of lack of appropriate staff and beds, severely overstretched services and senior house officers spread so thinly that decisions are made by juniors.
The NCEPOD investigation found that only 171 out of 877 adults treated had care that represented "good practice".
Of these three definitions, our definition of non-elective surgery most closely resembles the NCEPOD definition of urgent surgery but will include patients fitting both the NCEPOD and the NSQIP definitions of emergency surgery.
The findings were detailed in the 13th report of NCEPOD, the National Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Deaths, an independent group backed by Royal Colleges and medical associations, which monitors surgical health care.