NCERTNational Council of Educational Research and Training (India)
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New Delhi [India], Feb 6 ( ANI ): To commemorate Safer Internet Day 2018 and reiterate its commitment to make the web a safer place for everyone, tech giant Google announced its collaboration with NCERT to integrate a course on digital citizenship and safety in the information and communication technology (ICT) curriculum.
A letter -- written by NCPCR member Priyank Kanoongo to CBSE chairman -- has pointed out that since the government has notified NCERT as the academic authority for laying down the curriculum, the assessment model should be a universal framework to be followed by all schools coming under the ambit of RTE Act, 2009.
The NCERT shall issue guidelines on the handling of government data or information by members of CERTs to be organized within the respective agencies and shall perform oversight and audit functions as to compliance with said guidelines.
Earlier, Vaiko has demanded that the Union government and NCERT remove the cartoon from the class 12 political science text book.
Nothing wrong in Dalit activism but the government of the day, UPA 2 and its minister, Kapil Sibal, should had observed due diligence when the protest against the NCERT textbooks rocked the Parliament.
The NCERT Solutions for Sociology & Economics are arranged chapter-wise & within each chapter, they are arranged by page number.
Unlike the NCERT, the endeavors of such state and regional level organizations as the State Educational Research and Training (SERT) and the District Institutes of education and Training (DIET) are more specific.
We have no doubt that NCERT superintendents will benefit from the guidance he'll lend to our efforts to foster the development of proven practices in education.
To achieve this end, the HRD Ministry has asked the NCERT to evaluate the present curriculum and decide what can be done away with and what can be retained, Shri Javadekar explained.
31 ( ANI ): The Congress Party on Tuesday hailed the Uttar Pradesh Government's decision to introduce NCERT books in Madrasas across the state.
When a legitimate cartoon can upset Parliament and get it to throw all cartoons out from all NCERT (National Council Of Educational Research And Training) books, you know that the political discourse of India is moving towards intolerance.