NCESTNational Council on Education Standards and Testing
NCESTNew Cambridge Elementary Statistical Tables (Cambridge University Press)
NCESTNational Centre for Excellence in Science Teaching (UK)
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Despite these differences over the relative weight to be accorded the "pluribus" and the "unum" of the American experience, the members of NCEST reached a consensus on standards for both American and world history.
The NCEST suggestion was limited to assessments that would be used to measure progress toward the national educational goals.
NCEST issued its report early in 1992, recommending the establishment of voluntary national standards in key subject areas and a national system of achievement tests.
Throughout the hearings held by NCEST, the work of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) served as a model of the power of national standards to drive education reform in a coherent manner, while involving a broad array of participants.
As I have already noted, NCEST published its report, titled Raising Standards in American Education, in January 1992.
In the year following the release of the NCEST report, the Department of Education moved forward in a deliberate fashion to implement the council's recommendations.