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NCFNATO Composite Force
NCFNew College of Florida
NCFNational Capital FreeNet (Ottawa)
NCFNet Cash Flow
NCFNational CFIDS Foundation
NCFNaval Construction Force
NCFNational Center for Fathering
NCFNational Cultural Foundation (West Terrace, Barbados)
NCFNigerian Conservation Foundation
NCFNational Chamber Foundation (US Chamber of Commerce)
NCFNational Cristina Foundation (Greenwich, Connecticut)
NCFNational Christian Foundation (Alpharetta, GA)
NCFNetware Command File
NCFNon-Crimp Fabrics
NCFNeutrophil Chemotactic Factor
NCFNetwork Control Facility
NCFNavy College Fund (recruiting/retention education incentive)
NCFNational Communications Fund (Australia)
NCFNantucket Conservation Foundation
NCFNon-Commissionable Fare (port charge)
NCFNetWare Configuration File
NCFNational Cornbread Festival
NCFNon-Conductive Adhesive Film
NCFNo Containment Failure
NCFAssistant, Comptroller, Financial Management Systems
NCFNon-Connected Filter
NCFNational Curriculum Forum (India)
NCFNational Cuban Front
NCFNose and Centre Fuselage (aviation)
NCFNew Car Fever
NCFNanoscale Characterization Facility (University of Colorado, Boulder, CO)
NCFNo Collusion Found (gambling analysis)
NCFNorthern Christian Fellowship (Ohio)
NCFNordic Commodity Funds (Stockholm, Sweden)
NCFNational Curriculum Framework (various locations)
NCFNew Culture Forum (UK)
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A well-place source told Sudan Tribune that the chairman of the NCF Farouk Abu Essa didn't attend the meeting of the alliance leaders on Wednesday despite his presence in the country, noting he authorized the secretary general of the Nasserite Democratic Party Sati al-Hag to inform the meeting of his resignation.
NCF will collaborate with its national network of economic and community development partners to identify and finance projects and businesses that create quality jobs, provide critical goods and services, and achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes.
Take for example: a 50-year old professional has maxed out his retirement plan and decides to make a onetime contribution of $50,000 to an NCF Flexible Deferred Tax Deductible Annuity[TM].
Concurrently, NCF wanted to upgrade to new technologies that would provide the necessary bandwidth for future growth of new ATM and branch locations, and new applications like voice over IP.
Following the opening ceremony, a symposium on the scientific use of supercomputers will take place at SARA to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of NCF, which was founded on November 22, 1990.
Part three focuses on the properties of NCF composites, with chapters on stiffness and strength, damage progression and fatigue.
But the NCP stipulated setting a timetable with the agreement of the NCF to apply those conditions The NCF rejected the ruling party's proposal for setting a timetable and maintained its position that the NCP must agree to its conditions prior to engaging the dialogue.
In 2010, the NCF announced its link between Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and low-level radiation exposure.
NCF helps members of the financial services industry reduce a complex set of tasks to a single, error-free processing environment.
The National Christian Foundation (NCF) sponsors The NCF Giving Fund, America's largest donor-advised fund focused on the unique goals of Christian givers.
NCF recently launched the Legacy Fund, an innovative giving tool in which NCF assumes greater responsibility to ensure that donors' giving intent and granting desires are carried out faithfully by heirs and others.